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Cakes, Cupcakes, Pies, and More

Prices vary depending on size, quantity, frosting, and decoration choices.

*Available as cupcakes  +Available as cake pops  ^Contains Alcohol 

Cakes and Cupcakes

sprinkle cake.jpg

German Chocolate *+

A moist chocolate cake, topped with a rich shaved coconut frosting

Red Velvet*+

A southern favorite with a delicious twist


Lemon Pucker *+

A lemony cake coated with a light lemon glaze

"What's Up Doc?" Carrot Cake *+

A perfect mix of carrots, pecans and spices


S'mores Cake *

Start with a buttery graham cracker crust, add our decadent chocolate cake and then topped with a marshmallow buttercream and roasted marshmallow 

Cookies and Cream *+

A delicious cupcake with a whole Oreo baked inside, frosted with a crushed oreo buttercream. Your choice of traditional or Golden Oreos


Peach Mojito *+^

Mint, Peach Rum & Lime... Need we say more


Tiramisu *+^

An Italian classic with an American twist


Lemon Drop Martini *+^

Baked just like the classic drink is made with Limoncello liqueur and lemon flavored vodka


Coconut Creme *+

This cake has a subtle coconut flavor, filled with a coconut butercream and shredded coconut that's been lightly toasted to perfection



Pies and More....

"Evey's" ButterCake *+

A super moist cake made with obscene amounts of butter and cream cheese


"Worth the Calories" Chocolate *+

A decadent chocolate cake with chocolate chips right in the batter and topped with a chocolate buttercream frosting


"Perfectly Blended" Marbel *+

For those who can't decide between Chocolate and Vanilla, this cake is for you! 


Strawberry Limeade *+

The ultimate in sweet and tart. A moist strawberry cake with a tart lime icing


White Chocolate *+

A light chocolaty flavor  with white  chocolate chips right in the batter and topped with a white chocolate buttercream frosting


Peach Rum *+^

Starts with a white cake dizzled w/ a peach rum simple syrup and then frosted with a peach rum buttercream, giving this cake a delicious subtle peach flavor and absolutely mouth watering smell

Turtle *+

Our take on a candy classic. Chocolate cake with pecans, caramel, filling, frosted with our decadent chocolate ganache and topped with a homemade turtle.


Mint Chocolate *+

A decadent chocolate cake with a minty kick, garnished with a mint


“Peanut Butter Cup” *+

Chocolate fudge cake with a peanut butter cups baked, and topped w/

chocolate ganache and chopped peanut butter cups


Key Lime *+



Lemon Meringue *

A spin on a lemony classic with a carmalized meringue topping.


Spiked Mile High Apple Pie ^

Spiked with Amaretto liqueur, this ain't your momma's apple pie


Sweet Potato Pie

A flaky buttery crust, topped with a sweet filling with the perfect amount of spice


Pecan Pie

A perfect mix of pecans and syrup in a flaky crust


Banana Bread *

Simply the best banana bread around. Available with or w/out chopped pecans



These confections are light, airy and simply delicious 

Pound Cake

A Traditional pound cake, An Oldie but a Goodie 


Sweet Georgia Brownies

A delicious chewy rich brown sugar based "brownie," with finely chopped pecans


Brown Sugar Caramel Pound Cake

A yummy brown sugar pound cake, drizzled with a homemade brown sugar caramel


Fudge Brownies 

With a corner coated in your choice of milk or dark chocolate and dipped in either chopped pecans or sprinkles. Beignets A light airy pastry dusted with a little cinnamon brown sugar


Rice Krispy Treat Pops 

Add a stick and some chocolate and this old school classic is sure to be a crowd pleaser

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